The Vampire of Sacramento

Episode 3 July 21, 2021 02:10:19
The Vampire of Sacramento
The Spookies Podcast
The Vampire of Sacramento

Jul 21 2021 | 02:10:19


Show Notes

Sacramento, California 1978. 

Over the span of a month, Richard Trenton Chase embarked on a grisly murder spree that left six people dead, including two children. Perhaps more unsettling, he ingested the blood of his victims. Richard believed his body was disintegrating and that drinking the blood of his victims was the only way to keep his heart from imploding. Was Richard simply mentally disturbed? Or was he actually transforming into a creature of legend - The Vampire! Join Stephanie and Michael as they bring season one of the pod to a shocking close with this absolutely disgusting story of vampirism and dog smoothies.

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