Joss Whedon: Hack Fraud

Episode 31 January 22, 2022 01:55:08
Joss Whedon: Hack Fraud
The Spookies Podcast
Joss Whedon: Hack Fraud

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WE ARE BACK, baby! Michael and Stephanie discuss the life and career of feminist fraud Joss Whedon - a sociopathic cult leader and unrepentant sexual predator who preyed on women under the guise of feminism! Hollywood Con-man Whedon weaponized his carefully crafted persona of a simpy “male feminist” to achieve geek messiah status from the Nerd Mafia. Joss had a pathological craving for fame and admiration. He was determined to smash his name into history so violently that it would take on a legendary form…at any cost. Oh, and Michael gets salty about the flaming dumpster fire that is the Star Wars fandom.

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