The Fanboy Industrial Complex With Darren Mooney

Episode 36 September 08, 2022 02:44:02
The Fanboy Industrial Complex With Darren Mooney
The Spookies Podcast
The Fanboy Industrial Complex With Darren Mooney

Show Notes

Stephanie and Michael invite recurring guest Darren Mooney: author, film critic, and all-around brilliant thinker for a rambling chat about the state of cinema. How algorithms are subtly homogenizing pop culture, the confusing popularity of Top-Gun: Maverick, the sad decline of Warner Bros as a film studio, and how alienated young men are being radicalized by social media to hate diversity in art and turn to fascism.

You can find Darren Mooney at The Escapist Mag In The FrameThe 250 Blog, and his latest book Dr. Who: Kill The Moon

Youtube piece by Darren Mooney

How Streaming Services Are Suffocating Your Favorite Franchises

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