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Join your hosts Stephanie and Michael as they explore the spookiest and most disturbing cases of true crime, unexplained deaths, macabre history, serial killers, conspiracies, weird mysteries and the occult. Stories of morbid fascination and ...more

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November 21, 2022 01:22:02
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Q-Tards & Conspiracy Theories

The America of 2022 is a strange and dystopian world. Is this the beginning of the end? Michael and Stephanie discuss the (surprisingly awesome) 2022 midterm election results that turned a red wave into a red wedding. They also mock all the brain-dead Q-Tard's conspiracy theories surrounding the incel attack on Paul Pelosi and Elon Musk's laughably disastrous takeover of Twitter. The, "Muh Free Speech Gaslighters" will surely cancel us over this episode! ...



October 30, 2022 00:45:13
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Tales From The Cryptid: The Goatman

It’s HALLOWEEN - which means it is time to put critical thinking skills aside. For generations, teenagers have been terrorized by an abstinence-inducing creature of the night known as the murderous, ax-wielding Goatman of Maryland. Michael and Stephanie try to solve the mystery of the horny...horned beast. Is it a serial killer? A fringe science gone wrong? Or the Devil himself?! ...



October 23, 2022 01:07:30
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Jane Toppan: A Poisoned Mind

JANE TOPPAN was a Victorian-Era Nurse with a dark secret: She was a sexual psychopath and serial killer. In part 2, we take a long, hard look into the abyss. Nurse Toppan’s sadism and cruelty reaches new heights (or depths) of depravity. Jane’s increasingly erratic behavior and inability to control her homicidal impulses ultimately dooms her to a fate worse than death. Michael and Stephanie debate the roots of evil. Was Jane born bad or molded into a monster by a callous and indifferent society? Are we all capable of evil under certain circumstances? Part 2 of 2. ...



October 09, 2022 00:48:05
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Jane Toppan: The Nurse Who Was Death

What a huge goddamn relief, it's an episode of the Spookies Podcast! We are back with a Victorian horror story of murder and mayhem just in time for SPOOKY SEASON! It is 1889 and a predator is hidden in plain sight. Roaming the hospital wards of Boston, Massachusetts preying on the elderly and the sick. The dark, lurid story of Nurse Jane Toppan, is a terror tale that will chill you to your bones, haunt you in your very soul, and remind you of the forbidden truth that women can be just as monstrous as men. Part 1 of 2. ...



September 18, 2022 01:05:15
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Tales From The Cryptid: Bigfoot

Since ancient times cultures around the world have told tales of cannibal “wild men" lurking in the woods, and reports of these creatures continue to the modern day. Does the legendary cryptid known as BIGFOOT exist? Is he a man or an animal or something in between? There's something in the woods and it will eat your face off. Michael and Stephanie are on the case of the monstrous ape-man from hell! It is definitely not safe to go back in to the forest!! ...



September 08, 2022 02:44:02
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The Fanboy Industrial Complex With Darren Mooney

Stephanie and Michael invite recurring guest Darren Mooney: author, film critic, and all-around brilliant thinker for a rambling chat about the state of cinema. How algorithms are subtly homogenizing pop culture, the confusing popularity of Top-Gun: Maverick, the sad decline of Warner Bros as a film studio, and how alienated young men are being radicalized by social media to hate diversity in art and turn to fascism. You can find Darren Mooney at The Escapist Mag In The Frame, The 250 Blog, and his latest book Dr. Who: Kill The Moon Youtube piece by Darren Mooney How Streaming Services Are Suffocating Your Favorite Franchises ...