Societal Collapse

Episode 17 November 21, 2021 01:45:21
Societal Collapse
The Spookies Podcast
Societal Collapse

Nov 21 2021 | 01:45:21


Show Notes

The United States began the 21st century as the world’s sole superpower and now appears on the verge of societal collapse following a global pandemic and internal strife. America is at the crossroads. We invited author and all around smart person Deirdre Gould to help us break down these troubling times.

Deirdre Gould is a smash hit author of the After The Cure series. Her latest book 'Reversion' is out now on all of your favorite e-Book platforms. You can find Deirdre and her books at 

Find Book 3 of Before The Cure series 'Reversion' here:

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