The Dark Knight

Episode 22 January 30, 2022 02:47:50
The Dark Knight
The Spookies Podcast
The Dark Knight

Jan 30 2022 | 02:47:50


Show Notes

Stephanie and Michael welcome back film critic and author Darren Mooney to discuss and analyze Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT. How well has the film aged? Is the Joker a sane man? Does he have a motive? Has everything Nolan feared about the world and human nature become a reality in 2022? Darren’s thoughts about the film blew our minds.

You can find Darren on twitter @Darren_Mooney or his own podcast The 250

Darren is also a contributing columnist at The Escapist and author of “Christopher Nolan: A Critical Study of the Films.” 

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